LightUp v2.7b

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LightUp v2.7b

Post by AdamB » Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:04 pm

Lots of bug fixes, polishing and performance improvements in this one. Including:

- faster processing emitters
- improved accuracy of energy transfer in AO
- fix for LightMeterSample label scaling
- fix for freeze on some Mac graphics cards when handling large models.
- faster Perez skybox generation
- fix for saving/loading IOR to .luca
- filter out punctuation in export FBX names
- margin around layout of LightMeterGrids
- Right-click for No Backface Cull flag
- Change Skybox without restarting TourTool.
- Menu for manual override to use GLSL
- Cutoff could set to 1.0 showing no reflections
- Fixed IrrCache binding bug

Also new WebPlayer and Players which have support for CTRL+arrow keys to rotate the view point.
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