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LightUp 1.2a features

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:49 am
by AdamB
Just a little update on LightUp development.

I'm pretty much finished now with LightUp v1.2a which will be essentially the retail version of LightUp.

Things changed from v1.1c are:

- Small number of bugs fixes, 1 crash bug.
- Much faster processing of large geometry
- Cleaned up Preferences formatting
- Translucency support (non-opaque materials can be lit from their reverse side)
- Forcing use of normal rendering on systems that give incorrect info.
- Marking materials for low density lighting (useful for large ground planes that need lighting, but not at the fidelity of the rest)
- Better Material markup with new options.

I'm pleased with the last one as while it remains backwardly compatible, its more human readable. From v1.2a onward, you can mark materials with a string of attributes that get read by LightUp. So rather than '!' for the first character to indicate emitters, you have "Material1_lightup(emitter,...)". The "..." is because you can have a few different options:

emitter means Face will be an area emitter
fullbright means Face will be not be shaded
noshadow means Face will not block light sources
lowdensity means Face will be lit at lower density than rest


Re: LightUp 1.2a features

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:36 pm
by AdamB
Due to popular demand I've added exporting movies to the next version of v1.2a in the Retail version.

How it works is as follows. In Tourtool mode you can press shift+Return and it will save the frame sequences to a folder which you can them encode with CinePac/mencoder etc. Works very nicely and I've fixed a bug I found that prevented Animation looping in Sketchup working while in Tourtool mode too.