LightUp v1.6 available

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LightUp v1.6 available

Post by AdamB » Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:14 pm

LightUp v1.6 is now available on the website for download.

- More controls over Sunlight (eg Turbidity)
- Material editor uses absolute values
- Custom cutoff distance for AO
- Improved camera controls
- Realtime adjusting of material color
- Realtime adjusting of IOR
- Improved handling of complex models
- Insolation analysis mode
- Improved movie exporting (eg Image sequence support)
- Import/Export preferences
- Unicode filename support
- Inertia on linear camera motion
- Bug fix on not picking up cached results sometimes
- Fixed problem of Fresnel effect on transparency
- Allows any Component beginning with the name "PointLightSource" to be used as a PointLight
- Fixes to FBX exporter
- FBX export available in DEMO mode
- More parts of LightUp fully multicore aware
- Collapses unused hierarchy to improve performance
- Supports Selection to control what gets lit by LightUp
- Does not require a <return> for Preference input boxes
- Fixes for hierarchical Face-camera objects

Developer of LightUp

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