LightUp v1.7 update

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LightUp v1.7 update

Post by AdamB » Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:40 am

Updated version of LightUp is available.

- Fix OpenGL info display crash for newer cards that have many features
- Fix AVI file having extra bytes at the end of the file
- Handling Progressive JPEG
- Fixed bug caused when using Tourtool on Selected Geometry
- Fixed Layer control for free geometry emitters
- Fixed "face me" Components to honor their own local axes like SU
- Changed handling of type 2 materials (ones that have been tinted) to return to previous behavior of ignoring tinting.
- Reveal AO parameters if "Screening with AO" without switching to AO
- Fix to "Window too small, please resize" when generating Stills/Movies
- Added some ISO standard page sizes for Still output resolution
- Reduced memory usage when generating Stills and Movies
- Fixed bug whereby light could "leak in" at the corners of interiors
- Fixed bug whereby DEMO could timeout instantly on starting up Tourtool.
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