LightUp v2.0

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LightUp v2.0

Post by AdamB » Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:07 am

Lots of new features in this release and the start of the move of v2.x to a GPU-based lighting solution.

- Physical Sky Model for instant skybox
- Multisample Antialiasing (MSAA)
- Animated dynamic lights
- Color By Layer rendering mode
- Depth of Field with autofocus
- Face outlining/styling
- Save filename templates (keys such as %date% are expanded on saving)
- Select different AO blendmodes
- Color bleed controls
- Updated FBX export (Normal Layers)
- Fixes for IES orientation / scaling
- More presets for Stills & Movies
- Lux range controls
- Lux logarithmic ramp shown on screen
- Handling of comma decimal separator
- Movie saved as Image sequence also stores depth in alpha
- Automatic finish recording if Scenes are not looped
- Improved lightmeter info including Emin,Emax and Euniform
- Save custom Watermark image in Player export
- Export normalmaps with FBX files
- Faster texture reading

LightUp v1.x will be updated shortly with a number of bug fixes and enhancements.
Developer of LightUp

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