LightUp v1.10c

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LightUp v1.10c

Post by AdamB » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:06 pm

For Retail customers of LightUp v1.x, there is a new Maintenance Release of LightUp - v1.10c - on the server.

- menu for setting Cubemap export resolution (Tools->LightUp)
- added halfsize 720p (640x360) preset
- fixed handling IES meshes embedded inside scaled Groups
- Fixed some issues with IBL integration of Panoramas and Skyboxes
- Fixed some issues with IExplorer and LightUp dialogs
- Lux Contours now use different colormaps for Insolation and Direct Lighting modes.
- Fixed some overflow issues.

As a retail customer, login and choose:

Maintainance build of Windows LightUp v1.x for SketchUp
Maintainance build of Macintosh LightUp v1.x for SketchUp pick up LightUp v1.10c along with a new Registration Key.

Developer of LightUp

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