LightUp v2.3b

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LightUp v2.3b

Post by AdamB » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:40 pm

This release is mainly to address a crash bug we discovered when starting Tourtool.
Strongly recommended that you upgrade to v2.3b

In addition, we folded in some other smaller fixes and improvements:

- Fix for crash on starting Tourtool with some models.
- Tourtool coming up with no geometry geometry showing
- Fixed capitalization of kWh labels
- Depth of Field locking now works for all Schemes
- Mac mousewheel sensitivity when scrolling LightUp File browser improved
- Improved handling of IES files with bad values
- Added an extra keyword to Filename Templates "%scene%" will is expanded to the current Scene
- Added a Ruby API for setting a Label in top corner of display. LMapExt.setcornerlabel("Hello World")
- Fix for Lux contours skipping Area Emitters
- Fix for Realtime Sunlight shadows with animated materials
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