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LightUp v2.0b

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:25 pm
by AdamB
For Retail users, there is a Maintainance release on the server addressing a few bugs.

- Fixed assumption you'd run SketchUp 7 at some time in the past.
- Fixed slow update of Lightmeter
- Fixed unwrapping bug
- DOF slider controls less severe
- Fixed bug with handling SU8 changes to Ruby API
- Fixed problem that OSX 10.4 is missing OpenGL functions
- Keyframe 1.0 support from within Tourtool
- Clicking on a object that has had :linkfile set launches Browser
- Fixed bug of not setting lxlow/lxhigh in Preferences (was using correct values)
- Fixed wrongly showing as "dynamic' in tooltip
- Added "Select Similar Lights" context menu to quick choose all lights with same IES file
- Added Material property so you can mark Material to force it to treated always as "Masked" - even if it has smooth Alpha.